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The uncomplicated Astro Financebank loan offers a high degree of flexibility both in terms of maturity and loan size. Your article will be shipped immediately after approval by Consors Financial, provided that it was in stock at the time of the order. For any questions regarding the processing time, please contact us. The clerk checks the application, examines the financial and income situation and can in most cases make an offer. At Astro Finance they go through a short online application process.

The Astro Finance

The Astro Finance

Astro Finance is the finance company of Astro Finance. After the merger with Eicredit in the summer semester 2010, Astro Finance emerged from the former Eicredit. In recent years, this financial institution has made a name not only in the consumer loan business, but also in sales financing. Astro Finance is also a financing institution and partner institution for traders such as B. for traders such. For quadrants and the media market; At the same time, Astro Financebank customers can take out installment loans or a cash card at banks’ branches.

Astro Finance offers two different loans.

Astro Finance offers two different loans.

Firstly, this is direct credit, which is available as a classic installment loan. Like other installment loans, Astro Finance’s immediate loan has no specific purpose, so it can be used both for rescheduling and for buying furniture or financing holidays. The instant loan is requested at the offices of the bank.

Against this background, Astro Finance has agreed that the customer, who has all the necessary documents (salary statements, possibly bank statements), can obtain a credit preliminary decision after about 20-30 minutes. The final decision on the loan can be taken after a processing time of approximately 48 hours after checking the Astro Finance employees. The immediate loan of Astro Finance is not available to independent employees who have a sufficient income.

Astro Finance also offers the cash card as an alternative to the immediate loan. This credit line can be used individually and thus opens up a large financial scope. For the use of the credit card, however, a relatively high interest rate must be paid, so the use of the credit card should be well thought out. Then in the summer semester 2010, Estore Bank expanded the Eurohypo product range ….

Astro Finance provides loans for a variety of purposes As a universal loan bank, Astro Finance has a large number of loan products. Cash card from Astro Finance The cash card is a frame loan of Astro Finance. Astro Finance is an institution that focuses on the …. Astro Finance originated from the former Eicredit in the summer semester 2010.

This institution has been renamed because the bank …. Astro Finance, a joint venture between Astro Finance and Private Banking, has said …. With its payment card, which is used for cashless sales and payments for private individuals, Astro Finance has a good credit rating from the financial services provider Astro Finance ….

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