Bank account free of charge

Almost every one of us needs a bank account today. And why? Because we can pay our regular and one-time expenses, just as we can be paid. And because it is also associated with a credit card, we can also make it easy to pay at merchants.

Let’s take a look at the options where to close and negotiate a bank account free of charge today. That is, one for which we will not pay, for example, for management, for items, but also for many other things.

A popular bank account free of charge is at Loan and Credit


The first option we look at is Loan and Credit Bank. It is definitely not a newcomer on the market , so we have the opportunity to find it at many branches in larger cities . It goes without saying that its bank account, free of charge, is offered both to ordinary citizens and, of course, to entrepreneurs or legal entities. What we also must not forget is that it can also be arranged from the comfort of home.

If we look at what we have for free, it is a number of things. It can be 10 withdrawals from Loan and Credit ATMs as well as 5 withdrawals from ATMs of other banking houses. But the positives still do not end, as we can be free payments to Slovakia, which is a big plus for many. It is also:

  • Account management
  • Incoming and outgoing domestic transactions
  • Cash services at a bank branch

Another good option is the Good Finance bank


Another bank that offers a bank account free of charge is definitely Good Finance bank. This is one of the smaller banks, but certainly have much to offer. So we will have free of charge not only account management, but of course individual payments as well as the possibility to use internet banking. There are also other benefits, such as a contactless card with a bonus program, or withdrawals from all ATMs for free. The bank says: “ When you need cash, you can simply withdraw money from the nearest ATM. Abroad you will only pay USD 9 for withdrawals . ”

But we must not forget one big advantage, which is the possibility of opening an account online. If this is your first account, simply create one. If you are switching from another bank, Good Finance bank will offer you a helping hand and arrange everything for you free of charge and quickly .

It will not disappoint Good Credit

It will not disappoint Good Credit

This bank is proud to be the first in our market to offer a free account. Its offer lasts until now. So we can be sure that there is free management, as well as incoming or outgoing domestic payments.

Each month, this bank account also offers three ATM withdrawals free of charge. And any that are available in our territory. Whether you choose this bank or any other bank, of course, we have to recommend it and evaluate it positively. Thanks to them you will save significantly and get the necessary comfort associated with managing your funds.

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